I had the pleasure of interviewing Jon Reyes, the owner of Phyx Performance, a private Personal Training studio stationed in West Bloomfield. Read about his services, passions, background, and his top food spots in Metro-Detroit (he has some great picks!) If you're interested in optimizing your health and fitness in 2018 with a fitness expert— definitely check out Phyx Performance! 

No one can convey a message about your service/product like you can, so make sure you’re able to share that passionately.
— Jonathan Reyes, Owner of Phyx Performance
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1. Describe Phyx Performance and how it can help people to achieve wellness. 

Phyx Performance is a private Personal Training studio geared towards assisting individuals and small groups reach their fitness and performance goals. Our partnership with HealthQuest Physical Therapy has broadened our reach by implementing a rehabilitative aspect to our business as well.

2. How would you describe your passion as the owner of Phyx Performance?

As the owner, my passion has always been to assist individuals to reach a greater Quality of Life. I grew up with back injuries as an athlete and didn't want others to go through those issues. I studied Exercise Science at Wayne State University and hold my Master's in Education - Kinesiology from Wayne State. It's a huge passion of mine and I love bringing health and wellness to clients. MY education has afforded me the opportunity to work with athletes, from adolescent athletes to some of the world's greatest Hockey, Baseball, and Football athletes who call Metro Detroit home. 


3. How did you originally find inspiration to create your private PT studio? 

I knew I had developed the model for a successful gym/sports performance facility based on my previous work experience, I just finally found the motivation to do it for myself. I have had some great influences in the industry and worked alongside some phenomenal individuals, having those resources and friends in the industry is crucial. The ability to maintain interpersonal relationships and develop relationships with clients is what drives the client to continue working with you. 

4. How do you find motivation to stay active? Do you look to anyone in particular for guidance or inspiration?

I have a great support system in my friends, family, and clients themselves. Being in the service industry, it's hard to remember to take care of yourself. You're continuously putting the client's needs and wants ahead of your own.  I stay active by sneaking in my workouts before or after long days as a means of therapy to get in the mindset for my schedule. 

I look up to the boxing clients I've worked with, Boxers have the greatest drive and self-motivation of anyone I've ever met. They have to maintain such discipline with everything, diet, cardio, training, and a normal family/social life. I love the rich History of Boxing in Detroit, it's truly telling of the hard work the city and its residents put themselves through everyday.

 All photos owned by Phyx Performance

All photos owned by Phyx Performance

5. What are some of your favorite hot spots in Metro-Detroit?

Having lived in Metro Detroit for the past 20 years, I must say the variety of flavors and culture make this a tough question. I ventured to find a few local spots which I love to frequent for different reasons.

Best BrunchCommonwealth - Birmingham

Best LunchO.W.L - Royal Oak

Best Dinner: Redcoat Tavern - West Bloomfield

Neighborhood: I lived in Midtown Detroit for 3 years of undergrad/grad school and just enjoy the atmosphere, attractions, and culture of the area. 

4. If you could give some advice to an aspiring entrepreneur- What would you say?

"Know what your service or product is, develop it, understand the ins and outs of what you have to offer. No one can convey a message about your service/product like you can, so make sure you're able to share that passionately. Develop your staff to meet or exceed your level of standard, if there's no passion, there's no business."