I'm very excited to share this special Detroit-based business— mostly because I love their unique vision and ultimate desire to help the community. For those of you that don't already know Detroit Barre— read about how it was founded, what a Barre class consists of, + more information about how you could benefit from this unique exercise form. Be sure to check out Detroit Barre + their social media to stay updated!

We believe that a positive, high-energy atmosphere is what keeps people coming back and staying dedicated to their fitness goals.
— Owner of Detroit Barre
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1. How was Detroit Barre founded? 

In 2013, I moved back to Detroit from DC. At the time there was no barre studio in Detroit, and I wasn't able to get out of work and make it in time for barre classes in the suburbs. A friend suggested that I "just start my own studio". It wasn't quite that simple, but with tremendous support from family and friends, we opened the studio about six months after that. I had benefited so much myself from barre classes -- it provides so many physical, emotional and social benefits -- that I wanted to bring that to the people of Detroit and a provide a place where people from all backgrounds would be able to get a great, effective barre workout and to positively affect lives through fitness, dance, music and community.

2. For people who may not know- what does a Barre workout typically consist of?

Barre is a dynamic group fitness class, inspired by dancer-technique exercises, combined with pilates and yoga. The classes are focused around the “ballet barre,” where students stretch, lift, and burn, working target-areas: core, seat, and arms. With high-energy music and great teacher-instruction, our students are able to lengthen, strengthen, sculpt, and tone.


3. What makes Detroit Barre different from other studios in Metro Detroit?

We are a community focused on personal, effective fitness results. We believe that a positive, high-energy atmosphere is what keeps people coming back and staying dedicated to their fitness goals. Detroit Barre wants its clients to experience a transformation in endurance, strength, posture, flexibility, technique, and energy. Our instructors offer personalized instruction and hands-on correction, while offering clients specific instruction to improve form and alignment for more effective results.

4. How can we stay updated on Detroit Barre classes?

Check out our website or follow us on Instagram @detroit_barre or Facebook @detroitbarre!

 All photos owned by Detroit Barre

All photos owned by Detroit Barre

5. What is your favorite part of the city of Detroit?

There are so many tremendous places to explore and visit! The DIA is obviously such a treasure of the city, and I love bike rides around Belle Isle and walks along the Riverfront.

6. If you could give advice to an aspiring entrepreneur— What would you say?

Ready, shoot, aim. That's actually the title of a book. I'm very much a planner, but I think you can get to the point where you just need to go for it. Better to get up and running!